Community in Action December 12, 2020

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters,

in view of God’s mercy, to offer your

bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and

pleasing to God - this is

your true and proper


Romans 12:1

    Yesterday I reminded us that the first and foremost truth we need to hear, and acknowledge, is that we are loved unconditionally by God. But as we seek to learn all that God longs for us to know we must look at the greater context of the bible. So, I share with you now the responsibility that comes with the aforementioned privilege.

    Paul in the 12th chapter of Romans tells us that we have marching orders. Our salvation is assured when we accept God’s love through Jesus, but that love must be shared for it to truly be effective in our lives. Chapter 12 of Paul’s letter to the Romans tells us how we can respond responsibly to God’s love.

    We are to allow God to transform our understanding of what life is all about. We are to think of ourselves as a partner with God and we are on an equal plane with everyone else in this world. As a partner we have certain gifts, talents, and skills, but these are to be used to further the functioning of God’s redemptive work in this world.

    In our love for each other, and this world, we are to turn from evil and seek to honor one another. We are not to grow weary of serving others for that service is actually serving God. We are to share our joy, patience, and constant conversation with God. What we have is not our own but a trust to be used for the betterment of this creation.

    We are to bless, rejoice, and live in harmony with each other in a humble way. Yet we are to be aware that we will be challenged to stray from this commitment to love our neighbor because of the those who do not share the same commitment. We must keep our eyes out for those who are in need so we can come along side them and we must be the ones who always seek to do good.

    Paul of course says all this much better than I in chapter 12, but the privilege we have of being deeply loved children of God means we are also God’s representative on this earth. Paul says also in we are God’s ambassadors in 1 Corinthians 5:20.

    So celebrate you are loved, but the best way for that celebration is to share God’s love with those around you, be they friends, neighbors, or people you are a special challenge for you.

    Seeking to learn how to share unconditional love together,

    Pastor Randy

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