Community in Action December 15, 2020

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, 

Jesus got up, left the house and went off

to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Mark 1:35

    Yesterday was a long day. I exercised in the morning, the pool seems really warm when it is fifty degrees outside, then headed off to work. I did some preparation before my two hour zoom meeting with other pastors in our area. After which I then finished my preparation for the memorial service for one of our long time members.

    After the service I spent some time talking with the family before I came back to work so I could google meet with our Music Director and Family Ministries Director on the upcoming Sunday Service. I then finished my preparation, planning for my teaching time and reviewing any other matters I needed to lead, for our Session meeting that night.

    I am often surprised at the amount of emotional energy it takes for preparation, presentation, and processing of my pastoral duties. The work is fulfilling and often times very enjoyable, but when actively listening and consoling others comes into play I feel somewhat drained after the encounter.

    This is when I remember in public I am an extrovert, but in private I am an introvert. That is I really enjoy being with people, but to replenish my emotional self I need to have some time alone. Perhaps that is why swimming is such a good activity for me. I am expending energy, but I am at my own pace and I am surrounded by quiet which allows me to recharge my emotional batteries.

    So I can totally understand the need for Jesus to go off to a solitary place, I think most introverts would. And of course Simon Peter who goes off to look for him Jesus and tells him people are looking for him is such an extrovert. Peter does not understand that not everyone gets energized by being around people. We see Peter, the impetuous one, constantly blurting out opinions and often directing others in what needs to be done like so many extroverts do.

    So this morning, after a good night rest, I spent some time alone, swimming as well as reading, to refresh myself for the coming day.

    It is good to know your self so you don’t feel disappointed in yourself because you need time away from people. Or perhaps you don’t understand why you get anxious because you don’t like being alone and you always seem to have to be doing something.

    I am thankful for both kinds of people, for as I mentioned I exhibit both characteristics, which allows me to appreciate the value of both kinds of people.

    The main point I want to make is please take some time to recharge yourself during this emotionally depleting time be it alone time or chatting with others in a conference call or on zoom.

    Seeking to share the energy God gives me with others as well as caring for myself with you,

    Pastor Randy

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