Community in Action December 17, 2020

Forgetting what is behind

 and straining toward what is ahead,

 I press on toward the goal

 to win the prize for which God has called me

 heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:13b-14

    This morning on my way to swimming I was thinking about the weather outside, which wasn’t frightful, but was cold. As I was driving I saw some people trudging up the hill by the dog park. I thought about how we all have our challenges in life.

    Some of us are challenged by the weather outside, others are challenged by the path up the hill we take, and even others are challenged by just getting a foot out the door.

    But each of us have challenges in our lives. It is our own challenge, just as we each have our own story. It is not anyone else’s story and how we meet our own challenges depends a lot on our own story.

    What is constant though, is that God loves us and walks beside us during our challenge. God is there to encourage us, to cheer us on, and to give us strength or insight on how to meet our particular challenge.

    What are you challenged by right now? What is it that seems overwhelming or too burdensome or just discouraging? Take heart.

    Paul says in the scripture above that he continues to press on, but what he doesn’t say in this section of scripture is what helps him press on. In this passage, found in his letter to the Philippians, we also learn that he considers the people of the Philippian church to be his partners in sharing the gospel, that is the good news, with others.

    We also at John Knox Presbyterian Church what you to know that we may not know your full story nor what specific challenges you are encountering this Advent season, but we are here for you. We long to be partners with you, not only to be able to spread the good news, but also to help you experience the good news.

    Sometimes our world feels like a garbage dump and we have been dumped on too many times. But we at John Knox want to pray for you and we want to allow you to take a moment in this Advent season to pray for yourself. Therefore, we have opened our Sanctuary for five days during our office hours for you to be able to come to the church and spend some time in prayer.

    You can go to our Website or to our latest Wednesday update and sign up for a specific time to be in the sanctuary, by yourself or with your family, to pray. All we ask is that you sign up for one of the 30 minute intervals, let us know when you get here and when you leave. We will take care of sanitizing and disinfecting the area when you are finished.

    I did make to the pool this morning and and on my way back I noticed no one was still walking up that hill, so the people I saw earlier must have made it to the top.

    So keep your eyes on the glorious goal God has given you and know that we are pulling for you.

    Pressing on with you,

    Pastor Randy

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