Community in Action December 18, 2020

“The time has come,” he said. 

“The kingdom of God has come near. 

Repent and believe the good news.”

Mark 1:15

    As we move closer to the celebration of the birth of Jesus so I am reflecting on the reason for that birth. I am thinking about the good news which Jesus brings. In this gospel before we are asked to believe the good news we are asked to repent.

    What does it mean for us to repent? Is it to repent of the wrongs we have done to God and our neighbor? Does it mean to repent of our closed minded thinking about religion? Does it mean we need to repent of hard heartedness towards the needs of others? 

    Perhaps repenting means instead of stopping to do something it means we need to be open to something new. Perhaps it means we need to be open to new ways of thinking. Perhaps we need to be open to letting the Spirit guide us instead of always deciding ourselves on what to do next.

    I think the Advent season is a great time to develop new ways of doing things. Often times we think of the New Year as the time to make resolutions to live differently. Why not Advent? Why not when we celebrate the birth of our Savior and Lord let our Lord take greater control of our actions?

    So are you willing to ask God to give you a new opportunity to change things in your life? Are you willing to be open to the nudging of the Spirit on how your spend your time, how your spend your money, or how you express your love to those around you?

    Jesus said “The time has come.” Now is the time to be open to being transformed more closely into the person God calls you to be. Now is the time to let go of some of those old destructive habits or those habits which only focus on your self and not on others.

    The great news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Not only does Jesus call us into a new frontier, but Jesus will also give us the courage and assistance we need to make a new way. Jesus is not only the one who inspires us but the one who will give us the strength and the ability to step out into a new territory.

    Believe me, the benefits of following the call of God is far beyond our need to stay stuck in the place where we are at. Repent, open your mind, heart, and arms and believe the good news.

    Seeking to be open with you,

    Pastor Randy

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