Community in Action December 1, 2020

Forget the former things;

    do not dwell on the past.

See, I am doing a new thing!

    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness

    and streams in the wasteland.

    Isaiah 43:18-19

    Joan and I have been walking along the canal together for over eight months now and still we see new things. The week before Thanksgiving we went our usual three mile route one day and as we got near the spillway which goes under 580 I noticed something black swimming along the bank.

    Usually something that dark and that close to the bank would be one of the two foot carp we see periodically, but this was different. We thought perhaps it was a darker colored muskrat which we have seen about four or five times now, but it was further down the stream than usual.

    The back seem to be more shiny and then we lost sight of it. Just another fifteen yards further we saw two otters sitting on the bank. The looked so much like the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, but smaller and a bit more lithe. As we pointed them out to each other and started taking some pictures they, like it seems many of the other creatures we see, started to scamper up into a nearby culvert. For some reason they are camera shy.

    They stopped and looked back at us and we held still hoping they would stay for a couple of more shots and then off they went. Looking back down the concrete embankment we saw one more otter sitting on the edge. It must have been the black creature we had seen at the very beginning. Soon he was trotting up the embankment into the culvert as well.

    We were amazed at another new sight along our proverbial canal walk. I had heard there have been sightings before of these otters, but this was the first time we saw them. Since then we haven’t seen them again, but as we walk that canal we are constantly looking for our familiar friends or any new ones we might find.

    As we continue to saunter through this Covid-19 time we are encouraged when new sightings or events come up. Events we would have never thought of before, be it a screen shot for our Christmas letter or a talent show with our family after Thanksgiving. Or a long walk along the canal seeing all kinds of birds and other creatures.

    It is important that we learn from the past and there are many good things for us to remember, but we can’t always look at life in the rear view mirror. We need to turn our heads and hearts towards what new things we will observe or experience.

    I hope that as we enter this Advent time you will be looking forward as well as remembering those things from the past which were milestones for you.

     I truly believe that God has something new each days which will be good for us. Let us be ready for what ever new insight or new experience God has for us.

    Looking forward while remembering the past with you,

    Pastor Randy

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