Community in Action December 23, 2020

Today in the town of David 

a Savior has been born to you;

 he is the Messiah, the Lord.

Luke 2:11

    This is the time in our tradition that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We believe that God sent him to die for our sins so that we may have a relationship with God and have eternal life.

    This seems a tad important if you are interested in being connected to the Master of the Universe. Yet, I find it interesting that less and less people seem to be interested in finding what this Jesus is all about.

    I know some of the reasons are because organized religion does not have the best track record for compassion over judgment. Organized religion has become an institution and when an organization becomes an institution the people who have bought into such an organization want it to survive.

    That is a good thing if the institution is benefiting the world, but not so good when that institution is more worried about surviving than helping others thrive.

    There comes a time when we need to evaluate our institution to decide if it is meeting the objective for which it was made. Are we still doing or still helping people become what that institution was started for in the first place?

    I notice that when I read about Jesus in the gospels he seems to be at odds with many of those who are maintaining the institution. The traditions which were developed to maintain the beliefs of the chosen people, seem to have been altered. I do think that he still values the faith tradition which nurtured him, but he wants the leaders to consider if who they say they are, children of God, are acting in the way God longs for them to act.

    I think this will always be the tension we will have to face in our tradition. We need to keep evaluating and deciding if we are relevant and also faithful to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    I had to chuckle a couple of days ago when I heard a Sportscaster for KNBR announce their motto, “KNBR, your Sports Leader.” I thought maybe we should have a radio station and we could use the motto, “KNOX, your Spiritual Leader on 333.77.” Three of course being representative of the trinity, three times perfected, and seven being the perfect double number.

    This would certainly help us get the good news out there, but one thing about our faith no one has figured out a way to make sure we all stay on the right path perfectly.

    I can only share with those around me what I have learned in my life about my relationship with God. It may not be relevant to you and I may have some errors in my thinking. But maybe I will get some of it right.

    I think no matter what we do we need to seek to listen to the Spirit and act with grace, mercy, and love. Then leave the rest up to God, at least I think this is a good way to start.

    Seeking to celebrate the Savior’s birth with you,

    Pastor Randy

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