Community in Action December 26, 2020

Then the devil left him, 

and angels came 

and attended him.

Matthew 4:11

    Every morning when I get in my truck before I head off to work I record the mileage. I can look back each month to see when I have dropped off a food bag to a caller in need, when in the name of the church I have driven to a site serving others like “Kids Against Hunger” (KAH), or when I have been directed in my calling to show compassion to a person in need at moments notice.

    These miles of course have dropped significantly over the last nine months. Yet, I feel the responsibility, and the privilege, of offering service to others in whatever the setting of my circumstance.

    Just this past week I was at the post office waiting in line to purchase postcard stamps for the church. While I was there a person was waiting in line just to purchase regular stamps. I suggested she use the automated machine in the lobby instead of waiting the 15 minutes in line to get to the counter.

    Besides having used the machine before myself I had just seen someone use it, so I knew the machine was still stocked with regular stamps. After I directed her to the machine the person who had just got stamps was able to show her how to make her purchase. Someone else mentioned to her that a receipt would be forth coming after her purchase.

    The lady was in and out of there in five minutes instead of 15-20 minutes. She was very appreciative. I commented we are all here to help each other, each having a role to play in that helping.

    So when I got in the truck this morning I noted that there was no mileage listed for yesterday, Christmas Day. I reflected on the fact that I didn’t drive anywhere at all yesterday, a situation which is a very rate occurrence. I reflected on the fact that other than going for a walk with Joan in the morning I was inside all day.

    I just rested, Joan having prepared for the last two days all the food we would be eating. I snoozed, ate, read a book, worked on our current jigsaw puzzle and zoomed with our family members in Texas and Washington.

    I felt the soothing embrace of God as I relaxed having no need or calling to leave the house. We did have a conversation with our neighbors next door as we gathered around the house of a neighbor about two houses away who was taken to the hospital by ambulance, she walked out of the house to get in the ambulance so it seemed the issue was not life threatening, but other than that I had no other outside interaction.

    I thought about Jesus having gone through the gauntlet of being in the wilderness and the temptations of devil after those forty days. Then after that time, for a brief moment, Jesus just relaxed and was attended to by the angels.

    I hope you had some time to be attended by God yesterday, on Christmas Day. If not I hope you can take moment today to just sit and listen to the birds sing, watch the clouds move across the sky, or step outside to take in the colors and smells of our planet.

    The task of Jesus was varied, arduous, and fulfilling, I am sure, but there were times he just took a moment to savor the presence of his Father God. I hope you have that moment this weekend as well.


    Pastor Randy

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