Community in Action December 28, 2020

For it is by grace

you have been saved,

through faith - and this is not

from yourselves,

it is the gift of God.

Ephesians 2:8

    Saturday morning when I arrived at work I got a little surprise. We have been having problems with getting our green waste picked up lately. It seems there was a bag hanging out the bottom and since they didn’t think it was a compostable bag they refused to pick up our green waste.

    I informed the green waste company it was a compostable bag and that it would be helpful if we had a dumpster that didn’t have a hole in the bottom of it so the contents would stay inside the bin.

    Two days later the pick up was made and we had a new bin, hurrah!!! But on Saturday when I went to make sure they had made last week’s pickup I found four trash bags inside. Two were full of cardboard boxes, like from Christmas gifts, and two had a mixture of used paper plates, used cups, and some other garbage.

    Evidently someone had decided they need to dump their bags somewhere and the church food waste dumpster was the most convenient.

    I was not a happy camper. Not only had they used our food waste dumpster, but they had used it for recycling and regular garbage, neither of which were supposed to go in that bin. It would have been less of an irritation if they had at least put the recyclables and garbage in the correct dumpsters.

    I thought about how God’s grace is given out. Does God require us to give him a “proper” confession for forgiveness of sins? Does God ask us for a list that goes from top priority to lowest priority? Does God depend on a “proper” sincerity when making our confessions? Or does God accept what we give, in the way we give it, without questioning our motivation or intentions?

    I would say the later. It doesn’t matter who we are or the way we offer our confessions to God, God still forgives us and covers us with his grace for free. We don’t have to categorize our failures or list the worse ones first or even list them all. I think God will still offer us the grace we need to reconnect with the Master of the universe. We don’t deserve it, but we get it.

    So as I ponder the wonder of God’s grace given to me as a free gift so I realized that perhaps I should be glad that the garbage wasn’t strewn around the parking lot. At least it was in bags and it was easy to resort and put it in its proper place.

    By the way on one of the boxes has the name of someone I know in the neighborhood. I am thinking of calling them up and letting them know we have room in the dumpster for those special occasion garage dumps, but please sort your bags into the correct bins.

    Giving thanks for God’s grace with you,

    Pastor Randy

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