Community in Action December 2, 2020

    This morning I had the opportunity to share with a group of pastors from our Presbytery how things are going. That is we had a zoom meeting where we could talk with each other about our personal and vocational well-being. This was organized by the Presbytery of San Francisco.

    The majority feeling seems to be that all is going well considering the limitations and restrictions we have on us. Vocationally the majority of feed back from the attenders of our on-line services is very positive. People in the congregations we represent acknowledge the need for flexibility, creativity, and innovative ways to continue the ministry we have as followers of Jesus.

    It was very encouraging to hear that throughout the bay area kindness, encouragement, and faithfulness are being exhibited by those attending our events and services. People are showing and sharing God’s grace with those leading this new way of being church and offering that same grace to each other.

    Personally we admitted there is a bit of weariness of keeping up the patterns of distance, mask wearing, and washing hands, but we seem to be faring quite well. It actually reminds us of what the Advent season is all about. We don’t often have to live in a time of waiting. But this is the season we acknowledge the Jews were waiting for a Messiah. And we are waiting for the coming again of Jesus our Lord.

    Right now we are waiting for a vaccine, we are waiting for restrictions to lift, and we are waiting to gather together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Our waiting for the above changes probably won’t happen before Christmas nor before the New Year, we may have to shoot for Easter (if the waiting was to be over at Easter it would be an amazing illustration of Jesus breaking out of the tomb).

    The one thing many of us said after our time of sharing about our lives is that we need to do this more often. We need to set time aside to talk with each other about ministry joys and ministry sorrows. We need to be able to lift each other up in prayer as babies are still being born and people are still dying. We need to encourage each other as the unemployed are seeking work and the underemployed are finding new jobs. We need to challenge each other to share the load of concerns with each other and we need to learn new ways to serve our church family and those who have yet to join us.

    How are you doing? Do you have anyone you can talk to or pray with or be open about the joys and concerns you have? We do have a Prayer chain which is willing to pray for anyone regarding their life situation. Just contact the office by email or phone and we will alert them to that need.

    Perhaps you want to just talk with someone. Perhaps you would just like to have a time to chat with someone other than your dog or cat or fish. Then let me know. In the past we have set up a fellowship time after the service for those that would just like to chat with others. I can make sure you are included when we begin that opportunity again.

    Know that we are in this together and waiting is easier if we can walk together. So know that God longs to walk with you and so do I.


    Pastor Randy

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