Community in Action December 30, 2020

Or do you not know that your body

 is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you . . . 

you were bought with a price; 

therefore glorify God in your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

    I don’t know about you, but the holiday time is always a challenge when I am taking care of my body. There are so many delectable items out there it is hard not to just nibble whenever I see something new. Plus this whole shelter-in-place situation I do get tired of just walking or swimming, but I am glad I can do those things.

    So, this week there was only one pool out of the four I frequent which was open. I checked all last week and could find no time available to sign-up for swimming. Then Monday afternoon I saw a spot open. I grabbed it and signed-up to go swimming on Tuesday.

    So last night at 8 pm I swam at the pool in Pleasanton. Yes, that is correct I went swimming in the night from 8-9 pm. I shared with some friends that I planned to swim even though I was having second thoughts. One of the responses was, “I love to swimming at night.” Then, I mentioned to my friend, “But it is supposed to be 43 degree at outside.” “Oh yeah, I forgot it is winter time.”

    So what was I thinking? Sometimes you just have to take the plunge, pardon the pun, without spending a lot of time thinking about what you are going to do. As I thought about my plans I considered that even though the pool is heated you still have to wait outside before you get in the pool. You can’t use the locker room to take a hot shower or dry off or change into some dry clothes when you are done.

    I also knew that as the time gets later the temperature continues to get colder, so if the outside air is 43 degrees at 8 pm, what will it be at 9 pm?

    But I had signed up, so I drove there, I waited in line, I took the plunge and when done I dried off as best I could and then I walked to the car,. When I got in the car it was 37 degrees in Pleasanton. But I did it. The pool was steaming when I got there and the water was warm enough while doing the laps. Since in Pleasanton you can go a whole hour I even put in a few more laps than my usual mile and a quarter.

    It is not always easy to care of the body God gives you, but I think it is important to do what you can. Perhaps this season has been difficult for you emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. I encourage you to get out in the sunshine. Take a walk around the block, or go to a park, or change out of or into your sweats and get a little exercise.

    I can always find excuses for not taking care of my body, but we need to remember our body is not our own. We have been gifted a body, even one that is getting less agile, to house our soul and that body, like our soul needs to glorify God. That means we need to continue, or start, eating well, exercise, and get the rest we need.

    Let’s enter this new year with a commitment to treat our body better and as you do you will find life is more enjoyable and you will be giving glory to God just by being you.

    Seeking to care for what is given to me with you,

    Pastor Randy

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