Community in Action December 31, 2020

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, 

holy and dearly loved, 

clothe yourselves with compassion, 

kindness, humility, gentleness and 


Colossians 3:12

    Well, finally all the Christmas gifts have been received, at least in our household. I spent over two hours at the postoffice two days ago to pick up a package for Joan, which I had purchased for her about two weeks ago.

    I spent the first 45 minutes in line at the Dublin post office and then after they searched the office in Dublin, to no avail, I was told it might be at the San Ramon office. I do not enjoy standing in line. I did use the time well by spending sometime preparing for Sunday on my phone while I was at San Ramon. I also got see Dean Christman and Owen and Maggie Chao-Poon while I was at the post office.

    I had a couple of conversations with some of the people in line and was able to congratulate a graduate with a masters in Family and Marriage Therapy from Pepperdine, she was home for the holidays. After fifteen minutes her mother decided they would come back the next day to send off her daughter's application for licensing. 

    I tried very hard to view each six foot step as an accomplishment in my day. Once I was over the threshold in the actual room where the mail clerks were I had a little private celebration. Then when I was finally at the window and the clerk took my information to go search for the package I again tried not to get to impatient. Even though the clerk next to me helped three other people, one after the other, while I waited “patiently” to see if the package for Joan was there.

    When you think about it, it is amazing how little it costs us to send a letter to someone across this country which will arrive at their doorstep within about three days. I think of all the mail we have received this Christmas time, even on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

    The system is incredible and the people who walk miles to help us share our hopes, dreams, and lives with our loved ones are also amazing to me. I hope you were able to thank your mail carrier, with a card or a small gift or at least a smile and a word of appreciation for their efforts in 2020.

    I may not have made any lasting friendships that day, nor proclaim the gospel in word, but I as able to rest in the Lord and exhibit some of qualities God asks us to clothe ourselves with, as mentioned above.

    I hope that both you and I can continue to grow in our faith not only in knowledge, but in character. I hope we can continue to meet the challenge of chaos with the hope and assurance we have a God who is with us. I also hope that as you look back on your life you will acknowledge the good work God is doing in you as you become more like the person God longs for you to be. It is a reward beyond measure.

    By the way, the package was there and now Joan has a new parka as she waits to get into the pool when we go swimming.

    Growing in grace with you,

    Pastor Randy

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