Community in Action December 4, 2020

Be strong and take heart,

 all you who hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31:24


    “It is a matter of supreme significance that men [sic] are never quite robbed of all hope. There is something present . . . in the spirit of man [sic] that knows, . . . that the ultimate destiny of man [sic] is good.” Howard Thurman, Deep River, 62-65.

    What is it which gives us hope? What is it that causes some people to grit their teeth and carry on? What is it that gives us the assurance that we will be saved, our “ultimate destiny” is good?

    I know there are times when all around me is darkness, or at least shadow. There are times when the maze ends with a dead end or the questions are never answered. And yet I have a sense that life will get better. I have something inside me that bristles at the thought this life is all a sham or that evil will finally triumph.

    I think this is the inner core of a person, their soul which whispers much of the time, and shouts when needed, not to give up. There is something like a burning ember which is just waiting to ignite the shavings and tinder so the fire will burn brightly again.

    As I read about Frederick Douglas or Howard Thurman or Martin Luther King, Jr. I marvel at their tenacity, their resilience, their sense of hope. How were they able to not only survive but thrive in a society which denigrated their existence?

    This is not to say many of us haven’t had to go through the same or similar trials or struggles, but these people are an inspiration to me. As I still wonder when the mask wearing will end, when the distance keeping will finish, and when the freedom we were used to returns I have a sense that we have a time to refocus.

    We are learning what is important not only for our existence, but to enable us live a life that is full. We are learning that community connection is more than just a passing hello, it is more than just a transactional event. Community connection is sharing our trivia and our meaningful times with each other. Community connection is really a glimpse of what it means to have a relationship with the almighty Triune God.

    It is this relationship which gives me hope. It is this relationship that whispers all is not lost even when the dead end appears, the answers don’t come, or the darkness is still seeping underneath the door jam.

    As I read the Psalms, hear the witness of Job, and follow the gospels record of the travels of Jesus I am reminded that they all point towards the God who created us, redeems us, and sustains us.

    Let us not give up, not give in, not give way to the crowd of woes all around us, but instead hold fast to the promise of our eternal destiny which is, our “ultimate destiny” is good.


    Pastor Randy

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