Community in Action December 5, 2020

    So today I took the plunge. Yep, even at 7 am in the morning at 52 degrees I went swimming. I mentioned a couple of days ago I wasn’t thinking about the temperature when I made the reservation, but I have to admit the water sure felt warm once I was in.

    Sometimes it is good to challenge yourself to do something uncomfortable. Especially when that something will be good for you. By the way I have warmed up since I got out of the pool and it only took about 30 minutes.

    It looks like we have another challenge on our horizon as new restrictions are being put into place Monday December 7th. These will be tighter restrictions and less options for a variety of activities. Yet, we know this is for our benefit. It may not make it easier to know this, but it does give us a direction, an attempt to control this upsurge of the virus.

    We will have Outdoor Worship tomorrow, but it may be the last time for the year 2020. We will move to Virtual Worship, Facebook Live, starting the 13th and probably will end out the year with the same scenario each following Sunday.

    We will continue to gather together on-line with various opportunities two of which are this month. There will be two Zoom Sunday School classes, one on the 13th and one on the 20th. These classes will be “Lessons and Carols” with our Music Director Dean Christman, details can be found on our Website.

    We also still plan on our Car “Carol-oke” for the 20th in the Parking Lot north of the church campus. We will have an FM station to which you can tune in and all participants will be able to stay in the cars to sing Christmas Carols, again lead by Dean.

    The Birthday Party for Jesus planned for December 24th at 3 pm will also still happen since it is another Drive-in event. Our evening Christmas Eve service at 7:30 pm will be on Facebook Live. You will need to have communion elements available and a candle(s) to light for that Communion and Candle Light service.

    So another unexpected turn of events will make this 2020 year memorable, but will also prime us for new beginnings in 2021. I can only say we may not be out of these restrictive changes yet, but there will be a day. 

    There will be a day when we will have greater freedom of movement and there will be a day when we will be able to gather in person. Yes, there will be a day when again we can have our potlucks, but until 2021 let’s keep the hope alive and care for each other by complying with the guidelines given to us by our healthcare professionals.

    By the way even with the restrictions the pools are still open so if anyone wants to swim I urge you to take the plunge. It seems there are more vacancies and available times as the month moves along, especially at the 6 am and 7 am hours.


    Pastor Randy

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