Community in Action December 7, 2020

    I hear a lot about new beginnings. When I think of new beginnings I think of starting over with a clean slate. It is like starting from scratch. Periodically I try to purge some of my library of books. I begin motivated to keep only the books essential to sermon writing or ones that have brought a special insight to my understanding of life or ones which promise companionship into the new landscape of life.

    This lasts about a day. I find as I go through those books I tend to reread certain pages highlighted or tabbed or bent, depending on my choice of marking during that read. I become distracted with rehearsing these “new insights,” I ponder how I had been and how I have changed. I reminisce about friends or events which are highlights of who I have become.

    These are not bad distractions, but I need to be more ruthless about passing on that which no longer is necessary or helpful.

    It is hard to start over. Yet new beginnings doesn’t mean jettisoning all that you have currently so you can start accumulating more. It means taking that which has been become foundational to who you are and rebuilding on that foundation.

    I noticed a couple of our African Violets were losing their form. The soil was settling, exposing the roots. Some of the leaves were starring to dry up. They weren’t flourishing as they had been. So I just added some new soil to one and completely repotted the other, burying the root deep into the fresh new soil.

    Yesterday I noticed one had a new bloom on it. The other one now has leaves that are no longer dried out, but strong and healthy looking. By the way I had a third African Violet which I tried to save also with additional soil, but it was too far gone and the root just rotted away.

    Sometimes new beginnings means just reevaluating and then trimming or pruning that which no longer is helpful for your growth. It is like putting away that which was helpful once but now is no longer needed.

    So I will go back to reviewing my library. I will pass on books which have’t been opened in years or books which are no longer required for this leg of my journey. I will try to curb my appetite for new purchases until I have read a few more of what I already have. I will feed those areas of my interest that continue to help me grow, sometimes with difficulty, sometimes most enjoyable.

    How about you? What are those things which are essential or what are those things which motivate you and what are those things which are detrimental to your transformation. New beginnings can just mean removing some of the debris and adding new soil, but we need to make sure that soil will feed you and guide you along your new journey.

    Seeking healthy transformation with you,

    Pastor Randy

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