Community in Action December 8, 2020

Yesterday, and actually the last couple of days, I have gotten up and intentionally left my glasses on the bedside table. I do the morning "things" I have to do, but I wait to put my glasses on till I am ready to drive somewhere or go out in public (I want to be able to recognize someone if they say “hi”). I don’t know why, but it gives me a certain sense of freedom to know that I don’t have to put on my glasses the first thing when I get out of bed.

    Do you ever have things you have to do every day? Maybe it is make your bed, or cook breakfast, or shower, or clean up the kitchen. Sometimes I just don’t want to do those things because they are required of me. Some days I just want to be free from all obligations placed upon me, or that I have placed upon myself.

    I certainly would not stop feeding the cats or stop watering the house plants. I also would not stop kissing my wife good morning or kissing her good night. I would not stop taking out the garbage, I mean there are some good reasons to do those things. And I would not stop eating, at least for a long period of time. But sometimes I do stop answering the phone and sometimes I don’t turn on a light when I get up in the middle of the night.

    I don’t know if it is that inner part of me that wants to rebel. You know that part of us that doesn’t want to be told what to do all the time. At some point we want to do it “our way.” As long as it doesn’t harm those around us and preferably doesn’t harm ourselves I think it is okay to skip answering the door or the phone or to not make the bed for a day, or two.

    I think during the pandemic we need to mindful of self-care. We need to not put extra pressure on ourselves to be constantly busy. We need to be willing to just slow down. We need to be willing to just sit. We need to be willing to just be.

    So think about giving yourself some time just to be. Try not to worry about getting the bills paid right now. Try not to be concerned about fixing that door or washing those windows. Just take a moment and listen to the quiet. Even if it is on a balcony or just inside your room or in the car before you get out or get going.

    Take a moment to just breath and drink in the world around you. Just take a moment to observe the world around you and be thankful for God’s presence, and your own.

    You are cared for by the almighty God who created everything around you. And that is what is most important.


    Pastor Randy


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