Community in Action February 13, 2021

 He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not,

I don’t know.

One thing I do know. 

I was blind but now I see!”

John 9:25

    This passage was very instrumental in my view on evangelism. Evangelism in some circles is known as the  “E” word. This as been deemed by most Evangelical circles as our primary reason for being. We are all called to share with everyone we meet that Jesus Christ is the “Savior of the World.”

    I have seen various books or plans that people have come up with to make this easier to do for those reluctant to share their faith with the people around them. Some suggestions have been very creative and some have been very detrimental.

    We have designated Matthew 28:18-20 as “The Great Commission.” This is the the last sighting of Jesus in Matthew and a record of his last words to his disciples. If you read that passage you will note there is more to it than just telling people about Jesus. 

    I always felt I needed to learn all I could about Jesus so when I tried to convince someone that he is the way to heaven I would be able to counter their every objection. I have since learned that debating or persuading others to believe is not my calling.

    No matter how much I have learned I have realized I can not persuade someone to have the same faith as I do. I have learned that others have had different experiences in life than I have and sometimes we don’t even talk the same language, even if we are both speaking English.

    One other thing I have learned in my studies is that it is the heart that needs to change in a person and that person is in charge of their own heart. Sometimes that heart is wounded, sometimes that heart is hardened, and sometimes that heart is struggling just to survive.

    I do believe that we are to be witnesses of our faith, but words aren’t the only way we can witness to others about our faith. In fact sometimes our actions, or reactions, are the only witness others will receive. Sometimes people have had such bad experiences with other Christians or in other churches that they are so guarded they can’t hear what we have to say.

    Some people have developed a character and faith which has helped them to survive and perhaps even to thrive, so why should they change. I think being open to change is the only fertile ground that will receive the seeds we cast, be they words or actions.

    I also believe the Holy Spirit is the only one who can help prepare that soil. So no matter what I say or do will only be received if the person is open to see or hear what I have to say.

    Though I don’t believe I have to persuade others to believe I do think it is important for me to share the reason, especially when asked, why I do the things I do. I may not know what they need to see or what they need to hear, but I can share how I have changed over the years, for the better, because of my relationship with Jesus.

    In the passage above we have a man born blind. Jesus comes to him with a plan for healing. After this man follows the advice of Jesus he is able to see. At this point in the story he does’t even know who Jesus is.

    This former blind man is badgered by the religious leaders about whether he was really blind in the first place. He is interrogated about how a sinner could give him sight. His only reply is from his experience. It is not from all his studying of the bible. It is not from what he learned from his parents or he learned in the synagogue or even from these teachers.

    When he is asked how this could happen his only answer is that he was changed by Jesus. He was blind, but now he sees.

    My arguments may fall flat. My actions my not give absolute proof. But my experience of once being blind, but now being able to see is proof enough for me. This is all I can share that is truly mine and for me is indisputable proof of having Jesus as my Lord and Savior. This is my witness.

    Receiving true sight is a mystery, but it is not only a wonder, but a joy that grace abounds and to know it is all from God, who loves us and asks us to share that love with others.


    Pastor Randy

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