Community in Action February 23, 2021

Yesterday was a good day off for me. Some of you know that we were having some issues with one of our cats. She was only sleeping, not eating or drinking. So was so listless and unresponsive. Finally after two days we took her to the Vet, but we had to go to an emergency one since our Vet didn’t have any openings.

    Many dollars later, and that is without x-rays, they could only guess what was wrong. We took home medication and tried to entice her with a special diet food they had given us, but her hunger and water strike continued. They suggested a follow-up visit within 36 hours if there was no sign of improvement and since there was no improvement we were back in the Vet office after 36 hours.

    Thankfully our Vet had a cancellation and more blood work was done and even though there was a suggestion of sonogram to be done we opted out of it, since it would only confirm what was wrong. If the sonogram confirmed it there would still not be a solution.

    I must say for those who have gone through this I don’t think anyone knows how much they should really spend on a pet, there are so many factors, age, previous healthy issues, attachment to that particular animal, your own emotional state, let alone the actual cost.

    After a consultation about the blood work on Saturday the Vet and I decided to try some force feeding and Joan agreed with the addition of some forced fluids through an eye dropper.

    Sunday I spent some time with a few force feedings as well as some liquid through the dropper. By late afternoon she was starting to be herself. She even took a little food on her own. By Monday she was more perky and went in and outside frequently and started purring again when petted.

    She is still being supplemented by the syringe feeding, but is definitely on the mend. We believe now she had and is still recovering from pancreatitis. It was a difficult time over the weekend, but for those who prayed with us and for those whom we professionally consulted we are so grateful.

    Life is fragile and there is no end to the bubbling to the surface interruptions which remind you of the need to be grateful for those you love and for those who support you in times of great need.

    This experience along with the constant low level of anxiety from the pandemic has reminded me that sometimes we just need to live in the moment. We need to rise to the challenge at hand, but sometimes we can only do that by holding our wants and desires lightly. We always want the best for those whom we care the most, children, siblings, parents, and other gifts of living things which surround us. But we must be willing to let them make their own decisions for care and we must be willing to let them go.

    I am grateful we still have our cat and I am grateful our kids and grandkids are safe and  doing well in Texas. So today I celebrate the gift of life and the years, months and days I have with all of them, may I make sure I let them know frequently how much they mean to me.

    Thank you for listening and loving,

    Pastor Randy


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