Community in Action "Glorified" April 17, 2020

Community in Action

So this week so far we have looked at three “G” words which define our faith tradition in the Reformed school of theology. We always need to remember that the words and concepts, which they represent, are formulated by human beings. These human beings are very intelligent, but they can only use words to convey this information and words not like pictures are more limited, but they do their best to illustrate the meaning the authors wish to convey.

    Whoa!! What does this all mean? It means we do our best with words to understand who God is and our purpose for being here on earth. We thrive on purpose. And I believe all people have a purpose for their presence on earth, don’t let anyone tell you differently. I firmly believe we are each created to live out that purpose by using our personality, our history, and our reason.

    Our purpose is defined in Romans 8:28. You can look this up, but it ends with the phrase (in the NIV) “according to his purpose.” If you continue to read on through verses 29-30 it ends with we are destined to be “glorified.” Another “G” word.

    So what does being glorified mean? Well how much time do you have? I will just say that in the gospel of John Jesus in his prayer in chapter 17 says in verse 4, “I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.”

    In part this means that doing the work we are called to do is what will bring God glory. And God will give us glory as we seek to finish the work we were created to do and part of that work is becoming who God has called us to be, more loving, more kind, and more compassionate.

    So Paul at the end of his section in Romans 8 verse 30 says “those he called, he also justified those he justified, he also glorified.” We are a work in progress and those who believe in Jesus have been justified and are being moved toward being glorified.

    This still doesn’t answer the question what it means to be “glorified.” But I think I have a clue that will help us catch a glimpse of what that means. Tomorrow I will share that with you.


    Pastor Randy

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