Community in Action "Good Friday" April 10, 2020

How can it be “Good Friday?” This question has a multitude of nuances we could explore for days on end, perhaps even until Christmas. Yet it is precisely because of Christmas that today is “Good Friday.” It is because the Son of God came to earth to be with us on this planet that this Friday is “Good.”

    If Jesus did not come, this Friday would be like any other. Jesus came not only to give us a model of a faithful follower of God, but also to provide us an avenue to be redeemed and reconciled to God.

    We who have strayed from whom God calls us to be need a way back. We who have gone off on tangents or even have turned 180 degrees from where God’s plans for us were headed can repent or turn back to the true way.

    The one who came to be with us, Emmanuel “God with us,” also is the one who sacrificed himself for us. Jesus took upon himself all that separates us from God and paved a new way for us to walk. This way is one which means we are in conversation with God, a dialogue which includes our desires and God’s will for ourselves and this creation, to become the celebration all was meant to be.

    Know this, God does not turn God’s back on anyone, everyone is welcome to repent, reconnect, revive, and rejoice with all of creation. So today as we reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for us let us embrace the opportunity we have to become true children of God living out our calling with hope, peace, love and joy.


    Pastor Randy

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