Community in Action "Gratitude Overflowing" April 29, 2020

Community in Action

“I thank my God every time I remember you.”

Philippians 1:3


    Today I just want to say thank you. There are so many people who make my life so much easier and richer. I am just filled today with a sense of gratitude for each of you whom I have met and even those whom I haven’t met, but some day we will be able to greet each other.

    This week I will be preaching on the importance of the church. We will, again, remember the church is not a building, but a body of people. It is this body which has continued to support the ministry of JKPC through prayer, finances, words of encouragement by email and/or snail mail.

    It is people from this body which continue to give their time to contact others, to keep the virtual programs going, such as bible studies, Good News with Miss Kim, Cooking lessons from the Pew, and the Sunday service, which has more planning and rehearsal time than I want to count.

    I am continually contacted from people in this body who want to help others, be it with food, finances, working on the church grounds or helping to organize some virtual event. People are sharing their joys and concerns with our prayer team and we are hearing of special joyful events and meetings, all masked covered of course.

    I am also thankful to our community service people, those who are keeping the streets clean, they water running and the lights on. Being a spouse of a teacher I am astounded at all the people of the school districts who are stepping up for on-line learning. The commitment to mastering the various platforms and the tenacious commitment to each student who is trying to learn how to navigate the software and for some the new hardware that is necessary to be able to do on-line learning.

    Thank you for calling or sending cards to people you don’t know very well in our church community and your neighborhood. Thank you for being courteous in the lines, on the road, and over the trails. Thank you for keeping the hope alive in our communities as you greet friends, smile at strangers, and graciously acknowledge those who are struggling.

    Yes, I do thank God for you, but I also thank God I can be part of a church which seeks to spread the good news no matter the circumstances; for we are all God’s children and the best we can do for each other is spread the love God gives to us to those around us.

    Thank You and Blessings,

    Pastor Randy

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