Community in Action January 12, 2021

Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time 

we will reap a harvest 

if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9

    It seems like 2020 hasn’t left us yet. As Dean mentioned this last Sunday in reading a recent post on Facebook, we have experienced the free seven day trial of 2021 and we no longer want to maintain our subscription.

    So we thought 2021 would be filled with changes of goodness, joy, and prosperity and yet it seems instead so far we have experienced evil, sadness, and devastation. Perhaps these words seem too strong for us to name the first week of January, but I believe unless we acknowledge the reality of our situation we can not embrace the grace, wonder, and beauty that is coming our way.

    So, I, along with you, must fight becoming weary of doing good. We must continue to acknowledge those areas we are found wanting and strive to make the changes we can make. We must continue to take responsibility for our attitude, endeavors, and hope for the future.

    But the good news is that we are not on our own. We have each other and we have a God who longs to reveal the blessings he has for us, even when we can’t see them. We must band together as a nation and admit we are people who have a hard time seeing what we hold in common, both in goodness and in corruption. We must not grow weary in striving to see, do, and be the good.

    I heard a number of stories today about the good things which are happening around us. A single mom who had her GED was struggling to stay a float while going to a small college, but an unstable home life and loss of job had put her education and future livelihood in jeopardy. The school recognizing her as a non-traditional student helped provide her an apartment, purchased for her a computer, and helped establish a Go-Fund Me page. She was able to devote time to her studies and is now caught up on her school work and will soon graduate with a technical degree so she can enter the work force. 

    I read about another man who was with his wife getting a late night snack at a fast food place, saw a homeless man and offered to provide him some food, then noticed the man had on only a parka over his underclothes and socks. The man took off his pants and give them to the homeless man on the spot.

    These are stories we need to hear to remind us goodness has not left the building, nor should we. We must continue to slog on seizing those opportunities which come before us individually and corporately to do good.

    2021 will not naturally be a great year, but we can make it better than 2020 if we don’t succumb to the hopelessness which beckons us to acquiesce to the darker valleys or steeper mountains. We must continue on, knowing we will indeed reap a harvest after the hard work has been done.

    Let us not grow weary, but rely on the easier yoke Jesus gives us,


    Pastor Randy

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