community in Action January 22, 2021

 By the seventh day

 God had finished the work

 he had been doing; 

so on the seventh day 

he rested from 

all his work.

Genesis 2:2

    Yesterday I watched a webinar on gardening. I learned some new tips for vegetable gardening, but also I was reminded that our daily lives are like a garden for which we care.

    In gardening it is important to rotate crops for as you deplete various nutrients out of the soil so you need to not only replenish the soil, but allow it to rest from those nutrients being extracted.

    You also need to allow plenty of spacing between your plants so the roots and the foliage has room to grow. We need to make sure the plants aren’t crowded otherwise they can not reach their full potential.

    We, like the one in whose image we are created, need to take time to rest. We need to lie fallow without constant movement so we have time to reflect or just rest from all our busyness.

    I have not done a very good job during this vacation, with the resting part. I have attended meetings, almost daily, be they related to the Presbytery or our faith community or organizations outside of the church in which I participate.

    I have had to produce papers, opinions, and provide counsel. I have had to orchestrate projects and complete obligations that could have been put off. I have had to refine plans and provide energy for accomplishing tasks which could have been done without me.

    It is difficult to schedule time off when your plate is full, when there are very few margins in your life. I know there is a way to schedule or excuse your self from those obligations, but these last two weeks I have failed at both.

    So I want to encourage you not to follow my example. I want to encourage you to take some time to “rest” from all you are doing. If not for a week, at least for a day, perhaps Sunday might be a good day to do this.

    God has given us an example from the creation story that once the fever of all our work is done or at least can be placed on hold, then it is a good time to rest. It is a good time to take a breath and just sit.

    During these last couple of weeks I have enjoyed just sitting in the sun and enjoying some time to let my mind wander while I taste my lunch. I have been able to just experience the multitude of flavors roaming my mouth and watch the birds on the bird bath or at the hummingbird feeder. I have been able to listen to the geese making their presence known over head and hear the call of the sparrows, finches, and hummingbirds in the trees. I have walked some woods and enjoyed some time with my best and dearest friend.

    This time has been a pleasant time to reflect and just absorb life.

    I hope for you that you will be able to schedule, if need be, some time to just sit, to soak in the beauty of sounds and sights in creation. Perhaps that is what God did while resting, marvel at the wonder and grace of the surroundings.

    I think this time will not only be restful, but will allow you to have space to grow and blossom as you take time to acknowledge the fruit from all your work.


    Pastor Randy

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