Community in Action July 1, 2020

Today is the first day of July. It is the first day of the second part of the year. It is only 178 days till Christmas. But it is also the first day of the 21 Day Race Equity Challenge. The what?

    The Presbytery of San Francisco is helping to sponsor an awareness tool about race. You can go to their website presbyteryofsf.org and click on PSF Anti-Racism and Justice Response section at the top of the Home page or you can google 21 Day Race Equity Habit Challenge to access the same information.

    The challenge starts today and suggests you watch, listen, read, or engage someone about race every day for the next 21 days. It also suggests you journal your thoughts, reactions, and questions. At the end of the 21 days the Presbytery will hold a time to come together to share some of our reflections.

    What better time than now to make yourself more aware of the racial divide in our country. It is important that we educate ourselves as to the concerns and issues surrounding this difficult subject. As Carolyn and myself mentioned in our message on the 21st of June during the worship service we need to learn more about racial relations, or a lack of relations, if we are going to seek to live out the good news.

    I recently watched Pastor Jason Morriss of Austin New Church talk about the call we have as Christian to be more aware of those who are marginalized within our own communities. What better way to partner with Jesus in his Isaiah 61:1-2 mission (found in Luke 4:18-19) than to face the division between races we have in our country.

    If we aren’t part of the solution then I think we are more than just a part of the problem. You may disagree with these statements and that is okay, but then I urge you to consider even more to take part of this 21 day challenge. I urge you, and myself, to listen before defending ourselves or before reacting to what makes us feel uncomfortable or before responding in word or deed.

    Perhaps you don’t have the time or inclination to do this. Then I think what will happen is the next generation will have to deal with this again and the call to address the issue may be not be as conciliatory as it is now.

    I think there is a reason Paul continues to harp on Christians being united, and that is because it is so hard to do. It is not easy to listen to someone who disagrees with you, but then how else will be able to live out the good news if we can’t learn from each other. How can we even suggest good news to people who so desperately need it when we can’t even live out among ourselves. 

    I am grateful that our congregation is becoming more diverse, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of work to do. Exactly the opposite, it means we have more work to do. We are receiving a blessing that can only help us to grow in understanding, faith, and love. Let us receive this blessing and strive to learn from this opportunity we have to grow together as one.


    Pastor Randy

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