Community in Action July 22, 2020

So a time of relaxation and rejuvenation is something I really appreciate. I know not all of you have had an opportunity for this during this difficult time. Yet, even in them midst of the reading, swimming, healthy eating, and enjoying time with my spouse I still struggle with doubts about the future.

    Even as I keep in minimal touch (in this hyper-informative world is that even possible?) with the world around me I still see deaths accumulating, spreading of the virus unchecked, and unrest around the country which causes me concern. I have decided that I will look for at least one piece of good news in this world on a daily basis.

    I realized, just last week, that my internet news feed has a section called “Good News.” I plan to look at that every day and if I can’t find something that catches my attention I will pay closer attention to those around me who share Good News in their lives. I look forward to having this antidote to the distressing barrage of news I receive daily, without even trying.

    Just three days ago I was able to review the Giant’s and A’s game that is the precursor to the shorten, but much anticipated, baseball season. Two days ago we arrived at Pinecrest Lake ready to settle in for the week. Yesterday we went swimming in the morning, and the evening, a half mile each, and the water was warmer than usual. These are all instances of Good News for me.

    Some other Good News for me is that I finally got the taxes done for my mother’s estate, that means I am finished with another obligation I have been carrying for the last fourteen months. Even though our kids and grandkids won’t be here for our annual Pinecrest reunion, we will have to spend less money on food and we will have more funds to celebrate Thanksgiving together this year.

    Some of us may feel we are living in exile, but we have so much freedom to make changes in our lives we must take this opportunity to embrace such an opportunity. During this time we spend more time at the store so we can make fewer trips, which means we have more time to do other things we need to get done or we can use that time to do something we want to do. This also is Good News.

    I hope today and the rest of this week you find something that will be Good News for you, for in the midst of this Shelter-in-Place we have had Good News already brought to us two thousand years ago, “Good News of Great Joy for all People” (Luke 2:10).


    Pastor Randy

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