Community in Action July 23, 2020

Experiment number 485. Well, not really sure what the number is but today I am trying to make sourdough bread at 5600 feet above sea level, with no dutch oven. I brought sourdough starter from home and flour. Since this recipe only calls for starter, flour, salt and water I pretty much have the rest of the ingredients here.

    I didn’t know there wasn’t a cover for the cast iron pan here so I improvised by putting one cast iron frying pan on top of the other. I just flipped the top one upside down so there would be room for the loaf to rise. I also am using a sturdy aluminum pan for the second loaf, because it has a lid and I didn’t want to wait to bake the second loaf later, this may be a fail.

    I find life is like that, you plan for things and then a curve ball comes out of nowhere and  you have to improvise (kind of like this summer at church). What I am so grateful for is that God called us to be co-creators in this world and though I don’t think he has made any mistakes those we do make seem to be repairable.

    Of course that repairing may need a little help from our Friend, the Holy Spirit, but we learn along the way and we need to remember to be grateful for the help.

    So today I wonder about the mistakes I have made in my relationships with others. I think about those people to whom I have not listened, those people whom I have not helped in my path, those people whom I have not sought out that could use my help, and even those people whom I have not let help me. I am thankful that I can ask God to help me let go of those concerns that plague me and begin anew to help me become more compassionate and understanding to the people around me.

    I realize I don’t have to repair the whole world and what little I do I don’t have to do by myself.

    It looks like the makeshift cover on the cast iron pan worked quite well, at least from all appearances. I will have to taste it after we go swim. The aluminum pan didn’t brown the bread as well so I am trying to finish the baking in that cast iron pan contraption I made.

    In the midst of all this we need to remember God is with us, Emmanuel, and God is here for us, Romans 8:38-39.


    Pastor Randy

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