Community in Action July 25, 2020

So the week of being away ends today. I will return rested, mostly, and refreshed, certainly, and have all the answers to the world’s problems, wrong! I am again thankful for the opportunity to be away from the usual hustle and bustle around home, but it has also been a time of study, reflection, and seeking God’s ways in my life.

    Perhaps the most important part of this week has been to be outdoors and in the midst of nature. I think the webinar about survival pattens in stressful times I mentioned yesterday underlines the fact that this current pandemic has and does cause all of us some stress. I think also that webinar reminds me that one of the best relievers of stress is to get outside, walk or exercise. It is important to have something you can do with your whole body or your hands or something that requires movement to allow the stress to dissipate through action.

    Of course it doesn’t mean you won’t have stress in other areas or you have taken away all the stress from this pandemic, but it will help. I think also by recounting the good things you hear about or see around you will also be helpful.

    Jesus did say that if we come to him he will give us rest. The Hebrew word Shalom means peace, rest, wholeness that which God longs for us to have. This rest is also in concert of having a conversation with God. It is why Jesus would take time out of his ministry, out of his healing others, and conversing with the crowd to just talk, and I think maybe even more importantly, to listen to God. “This is my Son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17).

    Of course one of the best places to listen to God is in nature, when the sounds of the worries of the world don’t surround us.

    So I urge you to take a moment today or even tomorrow, the day of rest, and walk along a trail or sit in the back yard or even quietly sit for a few moments in a chair and listen for God’s still quiet voice. It can bring you true refreshment.


    Pastor Randy

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