Community in Action July 2, 2020

Rollback is not my favorite word right now. I was glad we were starting to reopen businesses, but now we need to rollback. Yes, this probably means we will have to reopen further down the calendar, but it seems to be necessary. Again most of the measures we are taking is not so much to take care of ourselves as well as to take care of others. We need to always keep this in mind. I think this is healthy for our own well being for instead of just being concerned about ourselves we are forced to be concerned about others.

    But another thing we need to keep in mind are the positive changes we have made in the last couple of months. Changes like being more friendly when we see people. I have had more conversations with our neighbors than I have ever had before. In fact today I spoke with a neighbor for the second time in two days. Which is more than before this pandemic. I don’t think I had spoken to her since her husband passed away over a year ago.

    We talked about her work, which she is still waiting to begin again, about our new granddaughter, and about car insurance. We chatted a good ten minutes before I left for work and it was a good change from our previous isolation from each other.

    I also talked to our neighbor who is currently selling their house. They have family in the Fremont area and long to be more closely connected with them, so they are trying to sell their house to purchase one next to their family.

    Another change I have made in the last couple of months are the walks Joan and I have been doing. It still seems every day we see something different along the path. Yesterday, for the first time, I heard a bullfrog in the canal.  Not only did I hear the bullfrog but with my binoculars I was able to see it. It was huge. I first saw it without the binoculars because I could see its yellow throat expand when it made its sound. It sounded like a short burst on a bullhorn. It was amazing.

    Just yesterday as I was waiting at the stop light I noticed there is now a yellow highlight around the three light structure. This isn’t everywhere, but I noticed it in Dublin and Pleasanton. I am sure it is in other cities too. I think the cities probably are trying to find ways to make the lights more visible, both during the day and the night.

    So even though we need to continue to wear masks and we need to continue to keep physical distancing as a regular practice I am still discovering new sights, new sounds, and new connections.

     It is so important to see the world around us and with the slower pace I am taking more time to appreciate nature, neighbors, and new things in our neighborhood.

    So though we may be frustrated with the rollback let us remember it is for the good of others as much as it is for ourselves. And let us continue to grow in our connections, let us continue to savor the slower pace of life, and let us continue to marvel at the world around us.


    Pastor Randy

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