Community in Action July 30, 2020

Okay so my windows at the office are still dirty, but I have all the items I need to clean them waiting for me, perhaps tomorrow this will happen. Even though the windows are still dirty I have been trying to bring light to our tri-valley, and beyond, as we have been called to do.

    I am excited about the service on Sunday partly because it will be an Outside Worship Service and partly because the passage is one of my favorites. The passage reminds me our faith is not a destination but a journey. We may stumble along, but we have guides who will help us and we have companions who will provide bread. We are not alone, but also we are here to help others, We are not only here to receive what the world gives, but we are here to bring the world an offering as well..

    So how are we giving during this time. Joan and I, when we were at Pinecrest last week, stopped everyday by the Coffee Kiosk. There is a little booth between the Sporting Goods Store and the Steamed Donkey, the local restaurant at the lake. This booth has two owners who are there every day between 6 am and 6 pm. Yes, they are there twelve hours a day.

    When I say between those hours I mean they either take turns or they are there together to serve anyone who comes by. We really want their business to survive so we visited them every day. If we didn’t both get something to drink we gave them a tip large enough to cover the cost of one of their drinks. Of course if we both got drinks we also gave them a large tip, chatting with them about their day and their current circumstance. It has been a difficult season for them, but they are continuing to work every day and hoping to last out this season.

    We also decided that though things may cost a little more at the local market we would be sure to purchase products we could use instead of bringing up everything we needed to the cabin. The first week we were there in June they only had one cashier going, but this last week they had two. In the store they have their plexiglas shields over the counters and they all wear masks. I appreciate that they have the masks which have a see through section so you can see their mouths (I believe this is so those who can’t hear so well, if at all, can read their lips).

    We can’t solve all the problems, but we can do little things. We can share what we have, be it finances or companionship or even just a word of encouragement.

    Let’s all strive to look for creative ways we help the people with whom we interact have a better day.


    Pastor Randy

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