Community in Action July 3, 2020

It is quiet this morning. The office is closed, but there are some things I need to catch up on, so I am here. The peacefulness belies the chaos that still goes on in the world around me. I am thankful for the peace and the quiet. It allows me to listen more clearly to the one who is the creator of all, the one whom I can trust with the world, my family, and my life.

    Even though my obligations when we first began this new phase of living were fewer, it didn’t take much time for me to accumulate enough “to do”s to make each day a challenge to get it all done. True there are not as many events or gatherings at church, but there seems to be more meetings, more emails, more phone calls because of our constant changing environment.

    At church we continue to make plans for reopening the campus and then we have to adjust to additional regulations or more clearly defined protocols. The news is still full of reasons for the surges and comparisons to different counties, states, and even countries. The questions come up why some countries have been able to curtail the pandemic and why others that had at first are now experiencing a powerful surge. We in America are on the not to be invited list for we can’t seem to herd the cats of our nation well enough to get a handle on this virus.

    What had seemed like a couple of months trial has now turned into a restructuring of our life patterns. The stores don’t seem as crowded, but the traffic has been increasing on the road ways. The life style patterns that we were practicing because of their novelty now seem mundane, monotonous, and restricting.

    What had once been a refreshing new way to live now at times seems boring. We have been digging deeper and treading longer just to keep our heads about water, just to gather strength enough to make it through the day.

    Yet the quiet listening reminds me we are not abandoned. The crinkling of eyes above the mask during a conversation remind me of the upturned mouth smiling or soft laughing. The crisp air along the canal, the honk of the Great Blue Heron, and the chatter of little kids still reminds me God is not done with us yet. We are alive and still have so much to live for.

    We are in the midst of the Great Reset. May we be reminded of that which gives us strength and joy and hope. May we sing behind our mask of the great I Am, who always travels with us. We are grateful for what we have and hopeful for those who have not. We this Sunday will be reminded that if we are the body, then we are also the feet which are walking towards others, not away from them. We are the hands which are helping those in need, not hands wringing with worry. And we are the hearts that are learning to love new acquaintances every day, not turning away from the gift of a new relationship.

    Let us celebrate the goodness we have before us so we can establish a new memory of God’s greatness in our lives.

    We are God’s chosen, let us continually choose God in return so we can also invite others to receive God’s family blessing,

    Peace to you,

    Pastor Randy

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