Community in Action July 4, 2020

Today Joan and I slept in a bit. We didn’t get up till 7. You see last night we watched Hamilton. We saw it a year ago for my birthday, but it was the week after my mom died, we were running on fumes, and we took Bart in and back late at night. I had Men’s Bible study the next morning and so our memories about that performance are very muddled.

    Last night was great, with better seats, like only six feet away from the action, keeping our physical distance barrier in place. We didn’t have the distraction of other people and we knew that bed was only about twenty feet away, instead of traveling late into the night on Bart. Plus we got to start the performance at 7:30 and the intermission was only one minute long.

    It was an interesting play to watch since today is the fourth of July. Most of the actors people of color and considering all that is going on in our country it seemed a bit more authentic with the exposure of the tensions within some of the principle characters in the forming of our nation.

    I have come to accept that history is written with bias and sometimes we need to be willing to hear the stories of those whose history does not reflect the liberty we celebrate today. The veneer is slowly being peeled off of our complicity in taking advantage of the Native Americans and the enslavement of the people abducted from Africa.

    This year is more difficult to celebrate for me. Don’t get me wrong I think our nation has done great things, but the principle characters we have idolized for so long are becoming more like real people. Real people who have prejudices and blind spots and are sometimes swayed by the darker side of our society.

    I am praying that as we face the reality of our failure to truly be a nation “with liberty and justice for all” that we will continue to make the changes we need to make to fulfill that honorable goal. I am praying that we will keep trying to fulfill our mandate to make “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

    I also believe we have an awesome opportunity to make a difference in this world, in our nation, and in our community. But we need to pay attention to the words of Paul in Philippians 2:4, “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

    And we can do this because we have called Jesus not only our Savior, but our Lord. And it is this Lord who gave us a model of one who faced the difficulties of life, but who also gave us the freedom to become a blessing to the world around us.

    Let us embrace this calling and strive to become who God has called us to be.


    Pastor Randy

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