Community in Action June 22, 2020

I just got back from swimming this morning. It was so wonderful and refreshing to be able to do some laps in a pool. The joy of swimming outside always invigorates me. I like walking, but being surround by cool water, exercising my body, and pondering my day give me a sense of comfort and contentment.

    It can be difficult to find something during this shelter-in-place time which brings you comfort and contentment. But I think there is something you can do which will bring you that. Perhaps you have found something you can enjoy while being around the home more often.

    Another thing I mentioned recently which both Joan and I enjoy is working on a jigsaw puzzle. We found it so helpful during our vacation a few weeks ago we decided to order another one. I also enjoy working in the garden and yard. Joan loves working on her card making. She has such a gift for artistically creative cards. Together we sometimes take a moment to sit outside and listen to the bird songs, spy on the hummingbirds, they don’t like us being around the feeder when they are hungry, and watch the antics of the finches in the bird bath.

    There is still a lot of turmoil in the world and I will share later this week an opportunity regarding increasing racial awareness, something you can do about it. There are concerns certain businesses reopening, including churches, and I know a lot of students and families are worried about they will negotiate the new normal this coming school year.

    Yet, I think, like we find in the letter Paul wrote to the Philippians, there are things over which we can rejoice. What are some things over which you rejoice? Can you generate a list of new positive ways you are coping with being around home more? What brings you comfort and contentment?

    Life can be difficult, but I still believe there is a God who longs for us to experience the good things in life. We just need to find them. Perhaps a long overdue phone call to a friend would be helpful for you this day. Be open to a word from the Spirit. Let us seek ways we celebrate this life today.

    Praying for peace for you this day,

    Pastor Randy

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