Community in Action June 23, 2020

Things keep changing. Even when I plan ahead something almost always comes up to change things. Recently I bought some half and half to have with coffee at the office, but I forgot to bring it into the office. The next day Mary had brought some in so I figured I would bring mine later the next week. On the way home from work that day I realized that the half and half I had purchased had been left in the bed of my truck for the last 24 hours. I plan and God laughs.

    We were so excited when our daughter and son-in-law in Texas had decided to adopt a little girl after having their adopted son for a couple of years. As they searched and listened to what children were available they found not just one more boy, but two more boys to adopt. They are now a family of five.

    We were also excited when we heard our son and our daughter-in-law were expecting their third child. Their two daughters were excited also, but weren’t sure if they wanted a brother or a sister. At first they wanted a sister, I think because they were so used to girls, but finally they were willing to have a brother.

    Yesterday they were able to welcome, from a far, their new sister. So now there is a family of five in Washington. We now we have three granddaughters in Washington and three grandsons in Texas. Certainly not what we expected, especially because Joan and I waited six years for our first child because we weren’t sure how things were going in the world.

    The world still seems not to be going the best, though there seems to be a lot more people concerned about helping the world get better, but we ended up with three children and now we have six grandchildren.

    Things keep changing, even when we do the best we can in making plans. I am thankful for the faith God has given me. I am also thankful for the community of faith God has given me. But what an only child raised by a divorced mother would never expect is an extended family of 13 and a brother-in-law who has 14 in his extended family. I am truly blessed with family.

    Plans change and blessings abound, but God is with us no matter what. God is with our coming in and our going out, Psalm 121.

    May you experience some unexpected blessings in your life today,

    Pastor Randy    

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