Community in Action June 25, 2020

Ever have a day when it seems like it got away from you, I mean what you had planned to do in the first hour of the morning didn’t happen until after dinner time? This was my day, today. I have been responding to emails, preparing for Sunday’s service, speaking with staff, and attending to appointments and just now writing to you to let you know you are not forgotten.

    I had an interesting meeting yesterday with a woman whose husband had died last November. They had been church goers, but hadn’t found a place to light that resonated with them this last year. After he died she was diagnosed with cancer and then after her treatments the pandemic hit.

    So, finally a couple of weeks ago, she started to research church options starting with Presbyterian churches, since her husband and grown up in the Presbyterian church. She came upon our website and was intrigued with what she found. She watched one of our services and thought she would see if we could help her with a memorial service. She just wanted a time of remembrance with the family this summer and then later in the fall a place where they could hold a regular memorial service for friends.

    When a person has to continue on with their life because they have to wait to formally grieve a long lost loved one it has to be really difficult. Yet she and her son were very grateful that I could talk with them and give them an option to use our place when the time comes. Of course we would provide the necessary protocols for the six or seven people, only family really, who would want to attend such a summer event.

    It made me think again that I am fortunate, blessed, to be able to ease the pain and concern others have even in the midst of this topsy turvy time. It also helped me remember that even on days like today this is only a moment in a long line of blessings and fortuitous events.

    We are truly fortunate to have a God who is always there for us. And not only there for us, but here for the world around us. We have a good shepherd who cares for his sheep and in the end we will never want.

    I pray that your day was a blessed one and you will be comforted by the God who longs for everyone to be part of his flock.


    Pastor Randy

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