Community in Action June 26, 2020

So if you had any question about whether our flexibility is being tested let me assure you we, the community of faith at JKPC, are again trying to negotiate this pandemic. This week the infected three, Texas, Florida, and California had a major up tick in new cases of the coronavirus. Yesterday alone each of those states had over 5,000 new cases in one day.

    I am not saying this to alarm anyone, but to let you know that we are trying to be as vigilant as possible as we prepare to Worship together in-person. After a polling of the Worship Committee we have decided to postpone the in-person service for another week. I know this is disappointing to some, but I think it is prudent for the Committee’s to have us wait.

    Do you ever feel like an yo-yo (for those that remember what that is)? I know we didn’t have too many people sign up for the re-opening, but no matter how many plan to come we will re-open once we believe it is time.

    Believe me we have been praying, reading, and discussing how we can make the best decision possible. We also believe we have a God who longs for our fellowship, whether it be with others in-person or with others on Facebook Live or even Youtube. We also believe that our God is a God of protection, but we don’t believe God would suggest we put ourselves in harms way just to prove to others or maybe even to ourselves, that God is a protective God.

    I do think this situation tells us that we need to work more diligently and creatively to be sure we are connecting with each other. I also think it means we need to take more individual responsibility in our personal worship time with our God.

    It is easier to have a relationship with God and others if we feel accountable to someone else. But perhaps now is a time to explore different ways you can grow in your relationship with God. Do you have a devotional you are reading daily? Do you have a CD or playlist which includes worship songs? Do you take time to read scripture (one thing I have been counseled to do is to be sure to read other scripture than just what I am preaching on)? Are you calling or sending a note to other people in our community of faith?

    These are all things we can work on. As I mentioned before you can set up a 40 minute zoom meeting with anyone, if you have their email, through a free zoom account. We may be in this situation for a while so now is the time to explore alternatives.

    Some of us may be tired of these challenges, but what is the fun of life without a challenge? And we are a people who have the greatest resource ever for faith, hope, and love. Let us find new ways we can express our faith, let us sing like no one is listening, let us dance like no one is watching, and let us live as if this is the last day of our life.

    Let us embrace this unprecedented time by seeking new ways to be God’s people so our good works will glorify our Father in heaven (See Matthew 5:14-16).


    Pastor Randy

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