Community in Action June 27, 2020

Last night I had the privilege of meeting with twelve of our members who will be officially installed as Elders and Deacons tomorrow. We had to find a way to install and ordain new leadership even in the midst of this pandemic and we did.

    Some of these folks have never been an officer before so tomorrow we will ordain them remotely. Some of these folks have agreed to extend their current position for an additional time. Others have agreed to take up the baton one more time to be an officer again.

    Our system of government, our polity, calls us to elect people, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to a position of example and decision making. These people will model for us, guide us, and act on the leading of the Spirit as they fulfill their duties at John Knox Presbyterian Church (JKPC).

    Our Deacons are people who care mostly for those who are part of the JKPC family. There will be times when we will offer assistance to people outside our community of faith, but the role of the Deacons was begun during the forming of the church, the assembly, the “called out ones” in Acts chapter 6.

    The “called out ones” is the actual translation of the Greek word used for “church” or “assembly” in the New Testament. This term means those who are called out from the crowd. It parallels the word “holy” which means set apart. Neither of these terms are used to indicate someone better than anyone else, but more these terms are those who are different. They are different because they exhibit faith, hope, and love (1 Corinthians 13) even when it seems in short supply. This is the definition of anyone who is part of the church.

    Back to the Deacons, they are people who are chosen to care for those in our community of faith who are being overlooked, neglected, or could use some special support. Traveling through valleys is part of life and there is no shame in admitting we need extra care sometimes. The Deacons are here for you. Tomorrow, note who is being installed and you can always go to our Website and look under the Leadership pull down to find a list of all the Deacons.

    Our Elders are the visionary, ministry leaders, and spiritual guides of our church. They make the decisions about policy, on going needs, and immediate concerns. Each ministry leader will gather committee members, either informally or formally, to help them make decisions regarding their area of ministry.

    When necessary elders will come to the Session, the board made of Elders, the Moderator, and the Clerk of Session, to get their approval for any proposal which requires full board participation or anything that requires financial resources beyond their current budget.

    These are the officers for our church. They are committing to lead, to care for, and to challenge us to become the “called out ones,” those who affirm Jesus as Lord and ourselves as his disciples. Let us give them the support we need and heed their leadership.


    Pastor Randy

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