Community in Action

Yesterday in worship I talked about Matthew 25:31-46. What struck me as I read this passage throughout the week is that sometimes we don’t expand our thoughts about caring for the least of these. The “least of these" isn’t always about the physically hungry or the person physically alone. Sometimes those who are the “least of these” are the emotionally wounded or those struggling mentally.

    Do we recognize those hungry for our attention? Do we see those thirsty for affirmation? Are we hospitable to those we meet for the first time? Do we protect those who are vulnerable? Do we spend time with those who are not healthy? Do we visit those who are trapped, the ones who have lost their ability to experience freedom?

    I believe there are only two people in this world. There are those who know they are loved by God and those who have yet to know they are loved by God. If we are God’s witness to the world then that means for us there are also only two kinds of people in the world. There are those who have been loved by us and those who have yet to be loved by us.

    Let us certainly use the Golden Rule as our guide, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” but let’s live out more fully God’s intent for the world. God’s intent is for us to love others as we long to be loved. We are God’s people, let’s act like it.


    Pastor Randy

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