Community in Action March 12, 2021

 And whatever you do,

whether in word or deed,

do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,

giving thanks to God the Father

through him. 

Colossians 3:17

    I know for some this is not a big deal, but Monday this week I replaced the mesh on two of our screens. I am not know as “Handy Randy,” but every once in a while I take on a small home project, I mean small, to try to learn something new.

    The last few years our grapevine in the side yard has sent out tendrils into all the crevasses it can find. This means the benches, the bumps along the stucco of the outside west wall on the house, and even into the screens over the windows of the two bathrooms.

    In the winter when I prune out the extra vines and tendrils I find that though the tendrils don’t cause damage to the house or the benches they do damage the screens. These screens are made of fiberglass so they aren’t as sturdy as aluminum ones.

    My son recently mentioned he was able to replace some screens and with the excellent tutoring found on Youtube I was able to find out how this can be done. I was sure to watch more than one “expert” and the one I found easiest to follow I watched numerous times, including during the procedure.

    I also found the people at the hardware store very helpful to make sure I had all the tools necessary and we discussed the merits of aluminum over fiberglass. I was glad the materials were plentiful for there was more than one restart and replacement that needed to be done. I mean I thought I had measured right. Then as I prepped the the screening material for the groove the screen didn’t cooperate in the best way it could. So the screening material which would have probably done four windows only did two. But, it is done and the bugs will be thwarted from entry into our home.

    I found that true to form I always need to have plenty of time to execute any home project. It seems for the fifteen minutes it is is supposed to take I need to quadruple the time for its completion. But, since I had set that time aside for the learning and implementation I wasn’t pressured by time.

    What have you done recently that was a challenge? I have to admit that the bench I reconditioned a few years ago, that looked so great then, now needs another round of restoration. I am not too sure I am up for this challenge of repair yet, but at least I did that project once before, so the second time it should go more easily.

    I am grateful when the product functions as it was meant to function when I get done, but most importantly I am grateful that I am given the opportunity to take on new challenges. I just try to remember that whatever I do I do it to honor God which means I need to do my best. And when mistakes are made sometimes they can unexpectedly be redeemed, for our God desires us to continue to attempt to make this world a better place than we came into it.

    Taking on new challenges with you,

    Pastor Randy

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