Community in Action March 17, 2021

It is God who arms me with strength

and keeps my way secure.

He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;

he causes me to stand on the heights.

Psalm 18:32-33

    It has started. It has begun. We are moving back towards normalcy. I am again refereeing soccer. Yes, this last Saturday I did my first game in a year. This week has been an anniversary week of the beginning of Shelter-in-Place, Virtual Worship and no Soccer Games, until lastnSaturday.

    Yes, we still are following protocols that have been implemented in this last year, but things are starting to loosen up. Traveling outside of the home, visiting eateries, taking advantage of fitness centers, and participating in small gatherings are starting to show up on my calendar.

    There is almost a new sense of freedom in the wind. It reminds me of heading off to college. There was no more checking in with parents, there was no one to tell me to do my homework, and I was the keeper of my schedule, sleeping, playing, studying (sometimes), and spending time with friends.

    I hope that we will all be a bit more responsible than I was that first year away from home. I went to class, most of the time, and I got my homework done, some subjects I was more thorough than others. But as time when on I realized that the one who will mostly benefit will be me, just as the one who will suffer most, will be me.

    So as I get back on to the soccer field I look forward to the energy and enthusiasm of the kids and their parents, but also I expect we all will continue to be responsible in our contact with each other and be concerned about those around us.

    The privilege of freedom of movement will not be quickly taken for granted and so I hope that will go forward in our friendships and in our faith. We have a great opportunity to share this life with others and we also have a great opportunity to have a relationship with our God.

    I hope we will continue to grasp this opportunity in both areas. I hope we will not forget that along with our privilege of community and worship we will take the responsibility to be faithful in both.

    It is in the midst of this life that we can truly benefit by walking, or at times running, this journey with those around us and knowing that we have a God who longs to celebrate with us our time on this earth.

    We are like deer set free on the green hills of faith. Let us marvel at the world around us and embrace not only this creation, but our God and each other.

    And if sometime you need to vicariously experience the energy of youth and the exuberance of unbridled joy join me at a soccer field and you will see moments of ecstasy.


    Pastor Randy


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