Community in Action March 20, 2021

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

    Have you ever had a false claim made against you? This last January I received a notice from an insurance company that I had a claim against me regarding an accident on January 10, 2021.

    I thought, what did I do and where was I? As I contacted the company I found out that according to the claim I was driving my Honda Civic and had hit another car in an intersection in Inglewood the morning of the 10th of January.

    Interestingly the license plate they listed is not my license plate. Also Inglewood is in Southern California and I haven’t been in Southern California for about three years. Also January 10th is a Sunday and according to our website and, verification on the youtube channel, I was preaching on January 10th at John Knox Presbyterian Church in Dublin, California.

    I called the insurance company that had sent me the letter and explained to them all the inconsistencies that gave evidence it wasn’t me. Oh, did I mention I don’t have a Honda Civic and I haven’t driven another car other than our own for a very long time, especially with the Pandemic and all?

    There was no apology from the other insurance company, but they said they would make the necessary changes. The next week I got a letter again issuing the same claim and to call a different number if there was a problem. I figured they hadn’t update their records yet so I called the number on the letter and left a message.

    I received a return phone call, from a Texas line, which said they made a note of my call and would take care of it. Just to cover myself I contacted my insurance company so they would know any claim against me was in error.

    I then received a threatening letter from a collection agency indicating my need to take care of the claim or they would begin implementation of the procedure for collection. I tried to call them as well and was not able to get through. I contacted my insurance company and they stepped up their investigation of the situation.

    I figured it was being taken care of, but just this week I received two more letters, both exactly the same, indicating my need to pay the claim or they would advise the parties to begin collection proceedings.

    The concern is not that I couldn’t prove my innocence, but I don’t particularly want to go to court over this situation, both taking the time or paying for an attorney. Nor do I want on my credit report a record of an unpaid claim.

    Perhaps you have something that keeps following you or hounding you about a past event in your life. Whether it is true or false, at some point we need to give it to God. If we confess our guilt and make reparations for this past event then we need to let it go. Similarly if we have a false claim against us we need to do what we can, but at some point we need to give it to God.

    I think the above verse is speaking about God making a way for us. The straight path is the path of trusting God. When some things continue to plague us perhaps we need to let them go and know that in this world there will always be something unresolved in our life.

    So what we can know is that God does care for us and God will walk with us always. I don’t think God will always intervene when things don’t go smoothly for us, but God will keep you in his care and that is what matters most. We will still have troubles in life even sometimes a misguided false claim, but God is always on our side.            

    Remembering God loves us beyond measure,

    Pastor Randy

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