Community in Action March 3, 2021

Rejoice with me;

I have found my lost sheep.

Luke 15:6b

    “If found my button!” I exclaimed this last weekend to Joan. We were in the backyard enjoying the sun while I worked on the yard. I was walking along the hose that goes next to our house through a section which has been unresponsive to my ministrations for plant growth.

    I saw something in the dirt which looked out of place and realized it was a button, not a regular size button, but a small button partially covered with dirt. This button was not only smaller, but would not have been considered a very significant part of the shirt since its place was part way down the sleeve of my forearm.

    I noticed the loss of this button about two months ago when I was hanging up the shirt. It is not one of the major ones which keep the wind and the cold out from the front of the shirt. It was a small one, somewhat like the ones which I use for buttoning down the collar, for those who have button down collars.

    Since it was smaller than normal it would not have been in my button replacement collection. In fact rarely do I sew buttons on my clothes anymore since they seem to hold up just fine till they are passed on to more noble sights like Savers or Goodwill stores.

    I had worn that shirt since that discovery of the lost button a couple of months ago and I have never had anyone point out it was missing, so that also indicates its lack of importance.

    Finding this lost button reminds me of when I lost my wedding ring up at the family cabin in Pinecrest. We were there for a weekend and we had a few friends for a barbecue one of the evenings we were there. I remember we cooked chicken which had been marinated and the oil made it a bit slippery.

    It was while we were driving home the next day I realized my wedding ring was gone. I called my brother-in-law who lives close to the cabin and asked him to look around. He drove back up to the cabin and not only searched the cabin, but went down to the garbage dumpster, found our garbage bag and went through it by hand, bless him. He never found it and my engraved wedding ring was gone.

    Fast forward to three years later when a cousin was at the cabin in the spring time. While he was raking needles getting the cabin ready for its spring and summer occupants he noticed something shiny in the midst of the pile of needles. You guessed it, it was my wedding ring.

    We decided it had slipped off when I was putting the chicken on the barbecue and perhaps gotten kicked into the dirt or some squirrel found it and hid it away. We aren’t sure, but it had survived three years of snow fall, being covered up by needles, and people walking through the cabin space through all the other seasons.

    My feeling about finding the ring and later the button is how Jesus feels when he someone says they want to have a relationship with him. They may have not had much of a relationship before if any, but when they ask to start or to come back he is overjoyed. It is never too late to start or return. And I think you all know that you are more important than a button or even a sheep, but know that you are always welcome with open arms any time.

    Let us continue to grow in our relationship and always return when we stray too far. By the way the button has been sewed back on and I look forward to wearing my fully buttoned shirt soon.

    Blessings to you,

     Pastor Randy

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