Community in Action May 6, 2021

So, what is the deal? One the way back from seeing our family members in Texas I lost my ID wallet. This is a thin wallet my youngest daughter got me several years ago which had my Driver’s License, my Fitness 19 card, my AAA card, Auto Insurance card, and my Soccer Referee Registration card. That may sound like a lot, but my regular wallet has about four times that number of cards.

    Anyway, I had put that thin wallet in my backpack to carry on the plane not wanting to lose it, ha ha, while sitting in the plane. My hoodie was also in the back pack and I think when we were landing in Oakland and I pulled the hoodie out of the backpack my thin wallet must have fallen out, unbeknown to me.

    That is why I said “ha ha” in the previous paragraph. I didn’t realize it was gone until I got home and unpacked. I called baggage claim, not knowing who to contact, and was told Southwest has a lost article section on their website. The plane I was on was traveling on to Las Vegas and I told the person at baggage claim if they could give me the number I would call them. I was told that the people working in Las Vegas may or may not return my call, “they are kind of weird there,” was the comment I received.

    So I took the route of filling out the lost article form, hoping for the best. I received a prompt reply they had received my request and they would notify me of the status of my request within the week. A week later I was emailed that no item matching my description had been turned in, but they would keep looking.

    I signed up at the DMV and was glad to find out I could get an appointment the very next week for a duplicate Driver’s License and Real ID. I filled out the paperwork on line and went to my appointment. I was out the door in fifteen minutes, $30 less to my name. I was told it would take three to four weeks to get my duplicate license. but I was issued a temporary to cover me till then.

    The end of last week I received a notice from Southwest they had found my item and would sent it to me without any charge for the time they took to search for it. Great I thought, but the caveat was I had to pay for shipping. The cheapest shipping was $15 and that price was because I agreed the item had no value.

    I was hoping I would get back the thin wallet with the other items intact as well, so I paid for the shipping. Last Monday I received my duplicate ID from DMV, it only took a week, wow, very cool. I would no longer have to use the temporary, plus I would not have to use my passport for my next flight to see our kids. The next day I received in the mail my original ID, now I have two.

    So, I could have saved $30 by not applying for the duplicate or I could have saved $15 if I told them not to send my the original back. But instead I am supporting both Southwest and the State of California for a mere $45.

    I was disappointed I lost the wallet and those other articles in it, but I was glad my ID wasn’t out there roaming Atlanta, which is from where the original ID was sent. Also I was able to see how easy it was to go through the DMV process next time others or I “get” to go there.

    I am thankful to have both IDs and I feel accomplished having negotiated the COVID-19 DMV experience. I always feel good when I can meet a new challenge, how about you? What challenges have you met this last year that has boosted your confidence?

    It makes me think of Lauren Daigle’s song Remember when I have some new challenge. I have seen giants fall, I have seen mountains move, I have seen waters part because of You. This is one of the lines from this song. Obviously this challenge in my life I just related wasn’t a giant falling or a mountain moving, but it was a reminder that we are not alone and God is always with us. Hallelujah.


    Pastor Randy

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