Community in Action "Nature" April 25, 2020

Community in Action

Oh, deer. Yup, this morning on our walk by the dog park hill Joan and I saw two deer. They were about twenty yards from the trail when we finally passed them, grazing among the tall grasses. We first saw them about 100 yards away and as we followed the trail which went close by them I expected them to bolt when we got within 50 or so yards.

    They didn’t leave. But nor did they continue to graze but they watched us closely while they stood still as statures. Their ears stuck out like the end of a hockey stick on either side of their head, as they slowly followed us with their eyes. They turned their heads ever so slightly to always keep us in their line of vision.

    Coming back down the hills they were nowhere to be seen. They had come and gone, like wisps on the wind, but they are a reminder that God’s creation is still breathing, walking, and present on this earth.

    I wonder if those deer feel we have invaded their space or that their trails are being over run by these two legged creatures. I don’t know why but I really enjoy seeing the deer in the grassy hills. I think it reminds me that even in the midst of the usual chaos we have in our cities there are still large creatures of God roaming the free spaces. It brings a peace to my soul, like no other.

    So all of nature is a reminder that even when it seems the earth is standing still there are baby ducks being born, of which we saw 15 yesterday, there are stilts wading along the spillway, and fish cavorting along the canal. It is a reminder that the earth still pulses with life even as the Covid -19 deaths rise.

    It does seem that the pandemic is slowing down and though we know it will be a long economic road back there is hope in finding new ways to live. Our world will be forever changed and I hope we have learned that no matter how big our barns are we can’t depend on them for the good life (Luke 12:15-21). It is only through our spiritual connection that we can maintain the goodness and grace filled life we have.

    Praying nature around you will bring you hope and peace and joy,

    Pastor Randy

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