Community in Action "New Avenues" April 20, 2020

Community in Action

This last week has been kind of odd. It seemed like every day when Joan and I were walking along the canal by the Iron Horse trail we saw a new kind of bird, or animal, or some kind of different activity by those creatures. Yet this last week many of the ducks or geese or other birds seem absent. The canal waters were calmer than usual and the activity had lessen dramatically. 

    What we did notice is the activity under the water. I have always noticed a fish swimming now and then underneath the surface. A couple of years ago walking along that same route after staffing the JKPC booth for St. Patrick’s day I counted a dozen fish.

    This last Thursday it was like fish festival day. Joan and I saw not only dozens of fish, I would say more than forty, they were in packs of six to eight. At one point they looked like they were wrestling together, turning somersaults, or just churning up the water for fun. It was amazing.

    The calmness on the surface of the water that had been the staple for the last week was suddenly interrupted with leaping (yes, we did see a fish leap out of the water), churning, and all kinds of cavorting activity. It was as if the fish realized without the multitude of water fowl on the water’s surface it was time to break out and make themselves known to all the hikers along the banks of the canal.

    Sometimes if our normal pattern of living is interrupted it allows for something new and just as exciting to happen. These last few weeks as we have attempted to provide a virtual worship experience we have tried some different things. The worship team, this includes the behind the scenes folks as well as the players, at JKPC has stepped up their game and I have seen a variety of new faces on facebook teaching us how to make pizza, or address a letter, or lead new songs.

    God has given us a new avenue to use our gifts. I want to thank all who have participated in the various parts of worship and the Monday through Friday 4:30 teaching times. God has really given us multitude of people willing to share their gifts and knowledge.

    I hope that when things move back to “normal” we will not forget what new ways we have found to participate in the ministry at JKPC. I hope that we will continue to connect beyond the morning time at JKPC and we will be willing to keep trying new ways to spread the Good News.

    Thank you to everyone for being a part of the ministry at JKPC. Whether you are a person in the background, a person in the foreground, or someone participating on the sidelines. We have been blessed by your prayers and presence.


    Pastor Randy


By the way, my contact list was hacked by an unknown user so if you received a request for “a special task” do not reply. Call me if you have any questions.

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