Community in Action "New Way of Living" April 27, 2020

Community in Action

This morning was another glorious day. The crisp air, the blue sky, the stillness on the water, all spoke of another great day on this planet. Today we saw twenty ducklings on our walk, three pairs of stilts, and a plethora of geese.

    It was interesting that most of the wildlife was towards the end of our walk along the canal. It was an area that sees less of the public walking, running, or riding bikes. The numerous ducklings were mostly in that area and looked newly hatched. About two thirds of the geese were up on the bank eating the grain along the trail. There was more activity than usual today, in fact the three pairs of stilts seemed playful with each other and spent as much time in the air doing aerial acrobatics as they did wading in the water.

    Though we are moving into our seventh week of school being out, including spring break, and a change of life patterns there is a sense of hope in the air. The number of infections has dropped dramatically and some states are talking about reopening non-essential businesses.

    We still need to be reasonable cautious and some current mandates are becoming more habitual, like wearing masks and maintaining that six foot social distance from non-relatives. But I think we are moving into the new normal which allows us to restart our plans and dreams for what lies ahead.

    I hope that as we move into a new era we won’t forget some of the meaningful lessons we have learned. First, that we are one humanity. Across this world we found ways to come together to fight something that was bigger than we are. Secondly, we can’t depend on our man made safety nets for the things we hold most precious. The bigger bank account, the more possessions, the great fame does not take the place of our dearest relationships. Thirdly, we have an opportunity to make changes in our life style, in our personal devotion, and in our commitment to others which can begin now.

    Let’s not squander that which we have learned during this time and truly seek new ways to become more committed believers and become a people who are compassionate and caring for all our neighbors.

    Looking forward to a new way of living with you,

    Pastor Randy


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