Community in Action November 10, 2020

I mentioned yesterday about my big fail this weekend. While I was in the midst of making the sourdough bread that wasn’t so sour and failed to rise, I used salt water for part of the recipe. I used 50 grams of water (the author of the recipe likes to use grams as opposed to volume, supposedly this is more accurate) with one tablespoon of salt.

    I mixed this concoction up a couple of hours before I added it to the dough in order to make sure as much of the salt is dissolved as possible. The measuring cup I used I had used the day prior. I had used it when I made up a solution of hummingbird food, that is a quarter cup of sugar to one cup of boiling water. I realized this weekend that I had used the same receptacle. Not a big deal, but then I thought about how we experience sweetness of life and the tartness of life all with the same body, heart, and soul.

    We are never promised from God a life full only of milk and honey, like what was to be found in the Promised Land. We are promised God will walk with us, but in that walk we will experience joy and sorrow. We will experience sweetness and tartness. Each of these experiences can be used for a life to be made more full.

    I would not choose tartness or struggle over smooth sailing or sweetness, but both help me to grow in strength of character and experience the fullness of life. The difference between these two is in the taste but both can help me as I mature.

    I do not long for trouble in my life, but when it comes I can choose to use it for good or I can choose to use it for ill. Sometimes I even have trouble accepting the hard times, but I can ask God to turn this difficult time into something that will help others as well as help me in my maturity.

    So let’s not run from the hard times of life, but let us learn to engage in them and find a way that the sour things of life can be palatable and ask God to help us rise to embrace all of life. We are always embraced by our compassionate God and that means we are valued and loved.

    So meet this day with expectation that God has a great outcome for you on its way.


    Pastor Randy

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