Community in Action November 11, 2020

Last night I attended our quarterly Presbytery meeting. It was not an event which kept me fully engaged, but it was good to reconnect with what is going on in the Presbytery. I also had an opportunity to share what is going on in our church. I decided that all I wanted to mention would take more than the sixty seconds per person allotted, so I just mentioned our July VBS program and our Trunk and Treat extravaganza.

    I was surprised that only two other people shared. Out of 68 churches in our Presbytery only three people shared about what is going on at their church. What was even more surprising is no one mentioned Outdoor services or special events like the two I mentioned. It was like everyone was zoomed out or something.

    I told those at that meeting that we have an amazing staff and besides what I did say I also wanted to mention we have a great new Youth Ministries Director who has hit the ground running. He even has a mission event already planned for the youth to serve the hungry in the Bay Area this month.

    We have zoom Sunday School for the kids and we just finished our Adult Zoom class on the Prophets. We are starting to plan for the advent season which may have a drive through Nativity, a special Music Sunday, a creative Pageant processional, and perhaps even a Christmas tree lighting.

    As there are surges of this virus in our nation doors close again for some businesses and schools are still in flux, but we seem to still have a vital interactive congregation. I again am so thankful for all the volunteers who make our Sunday morning worship so great and the support we receive for trying innovative and interactive events.

    I have to admit I had to hold back sharing about John Knox Presbyterian Church because I didn’t want to take up everyone’s time, but we have a lot to celebrate. Of course the best thing we have is a God who loves us and cares for us. This God has also given us a community which cares for each other, even in our differences. I know we aren’t perfect, but I am so grateful we can work shoulder to shoulder to share the good news we have received.

    Please know that if you have a need for a ride or for groceries or for connection we have a Deacon board that loves to help others. We also have other folks in our congregation who are constantly praying and showing their love for all those who attend here and even those who don’t attend, yet.

    I still think the Presbyterian system is a great system. I also am grateful that this denomination is concerned about revitalizing congregations, addressing structural racism, and seeking to eradicate systemic poverty.

    Let us work diligently to be connected to each other as we address the issues that are most dear to our hearts. This is the community which God gives us that will make a difference in the world around us. I pray we can not only celebrate with each other, but that we can reach out to those around us who have yet to experience the vital relationship we have with our God.

    Let us be the good news God longs for us to be.


    Pastor Randy

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