Community in Action November 12, 2020

Recently I was reading a mini-biography of Howard Thurman. It mentioned how in his eighty years life changed tremendously. I think to of my short span of life so far and all the changes that have occurred. There have been so many improvements and inventions that have made life easier and more productive.

    This morning as I got out of my truck to go swim I was again reminded of one of the greatest inventions of all time, that is the little dinger that sounds when I forget to turn off my lights once the truck has stopped running. I had turned my lights on because I know that when you use your windshield wipers while driving you are supposed to have your car or truck lights turned on. Actually a relative of mine reminded me of this, because she learned that there is a hefty fine when you get pulled over for not having your lights on when you are using your windshield wipers.

    So now I make sure those lights are turned on when I have the wipers on, even if it is just to get the morning dew off my windshield. The little dinger is also helpful because even though I have jumper cables I prefer to use them for the needs of others and not myself, which seems to happen fairly regularly.

    These kind of inventions may seem minor in the grand scheme of things, but it is wonderful when I get in the car after shopping or working or just running around and the truck starts right up. Inventions remind me that as co-creators with God on this planet we are given the ability to make improvements in our daily life. We have been given the capacity to be innovative and creative problem-solvers as human beings.

    Sometimes it seems we should use that power more often and for greater reasons than to remind someone, even me, to turn off their lights. Can you imagine how much better the world would be if we would use our creative juices for solving some of the perpetual social issues we have?

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out how to make sure every person has shelter or food or medication that is needed? We have the resources and many people have learned to recycle those unused items we tend to throw away to help out those who are in need of some of things I just mentioned.

    Yet these concerns have been around for not only hundreds of years, but thousands of years. One of the constant complaints God has with the children of Israel is their lack of care for widows and orphans. Hospitality was a hallmark of Middle Eastern life, but the need to care for those who are less fortunate was a constant refrain of the prophets who were messengers from God.

    So as we celebrate great inventions, or small ones, which save us from having to use jumper cables or to call AAA, let us remember we are urged to figure out how to care for those who are in need also. Let us remember as we prepare for a Thanksgiving Feast like no other that there are people in our country, in our county, and in our city which need to be cared for.

    I am so grateful we have a food bank here at JKPC. I am also thankful we have volunteers who are willing to help stock it and staff it. I am also thankful we have people who contribute food and funds to keep that food bank well stocked.

    Let us not forget the privilege many of us have to not worry about where are next meal comes from and try to find ways we can help others worry less about their basic needs.

    Seeking to serve with you,

    Pastor Randy

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