Community in Action November 13, 2020

Are you important? Are you valued? Is there a reason for your existence? Easy questions to answer, right? Not something to ponder at 2 am, but definitely something to consider while on our journey in this life.

    I think each of us is extremely important. I think each of us have value, for God’s love has provided us with an amazing opportunity to be reconnected to the Master of the universe. I think each of us has a calling in this world, a calling which will make this world a better place and our lives can be filled with joy and wonder as we live out our calling.

    Last night I had an interesting conversation with some of our folks from JKPC as we talked about scripture and the authors how wrote those words. We talked about the words in scripture being inspired by God. We talked about the authority of scripture. The fact that scripture is our primary written resource for learning about God and learning about humanity.

    We agreed that those who were inspired to record these words, be they words of history, poetry, sermons, instruction, rules, parables or other literary forms, were directed by God to write those records. We also talked about people we know who are inspired today to preach or teach or share their insights about being touched by God.

    After some additional thought, though I would agree the written words in scripture have a certain authority beyond written words inspired today I think the people writing them are of no more value or no more important than you or I.

    As has been said before, and I repeat now, we are all at the same level when standing at the foot of the cross. We all have a role to play in God’s creation and some are here to plant, some are here to water, some are here to cultivate and some are here to care for others. It is God who will make the harvest bountiful and enrich our lives with his presence.

    So if you haven’t answered the above questions in the affirmative let me assure you the one who created you is also the one who redeemed you and values you so much that God sacrificed his son for you.

    Let us not only affirm our value and worth before God, but share our gifts and presence with those around us. Let us be the bearer of good news to our family, to our neighbors, and to all whom we meet.

    Blessings to you,

    Pastor Randy

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