Community in Action November 14, 2020

One thing I love about this time of year is seeing the leaves of so many trees turn new colors, brilliant orange or radiating red or yummy yellow. Well, perhaps yummy is not a good descriptive word, but if you like bananas it works.

    I also like the fact that I don’t have to water the grass or the garden. Yes, I do have to water our grass because the front of our yard has a lawn that is not on automatic sprinklers. I always need to set a timer when I turn on those sprinklers in the front because if I don’t invariably I will water it for 45 minutes and not the fifteen I planned on. I get busy doing other things around the house and we have a limited number of windows looking out on our front yard, so unless I set a timer I may forget they are on.

    The garden also needs to be hand watered, some day I will get around to a drip system. So, I have to work into my schedule a pattern for watering so I can make sure those tender plants are getting enough moisture.

    Rain brings not only refreshment, but a reprieve from making sure the yard and the garden are getting enough water. The rain also fills up the bird baths, of which we have two, and the fountains of which we have two also.

    Perhaps one of the most delightful sights I have seen is when I had the fountain by the kitchen window on and I saw three goldfinches flitting in and out of the streams of water. Their golden wings and bodies getting showered while the sunlight was catching the rainbow colored water drops and the brilliance of their feathers. Of course I was glad the cats weren’t around for they like to test their prowess of catching those brilliant colored bodies.

    This year I am back trying to keep some bird feeders full. I usually fill them once and then forget about them until it has been a week or two with the feeders being empty. Birds are not ones to wait around for me to fill them they usually are off finding a more consistent feeding spot.

    I also decided this year I would try to refurbish the lawn a bit with more seed and soil to fill in the gaps that have been growing in the back yard. The sod is doing well and if the seed takes we might even have a nice carpet of green grass for next spring.

    The down side of this time of year is the frost and cold mornings. I like the crispness in the air, but when a sheet of ice forms on the car windows and I have forgotten to cover the Bougenville or the Mexican Heather I know I may have some additional planting to do in the spring, again.

    So the winter is a great time to cut down on the water bill. To spend some time looking goals for our yard or for my life.

    They say winter is a dormant time, but I think it is more of a resting time as we prepare for a more active time in the coming season. It is still a time to enjoy a different variety of flowers, vegetables, and feathered friends. But I think it is a season we all need for pondering where our time and energy will be well spent come the warmer weather and the more fertile ground. Take that time, fertile ground needs to lie fallow now and then to better produce its fruit.

    Seeking to embrace the seasons of the year with you,

    Pastor Randy

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