Community in Action November 17, 2020

Today was a catch-up-because-you-are-constantly behind day. I woke up at 6:53 am when I was supposed to start my swimming at 7:00 am. Thankfully at the Dougherty Valley High School pool their pool clock is a couple of minutes slow. Even with that I was still 8 minutes into the my allotted swim time when I was finally in the water.

    That meant I had to pare down the number of laps I was going to get in, but I decided I would give myself a little grace and would only go a mile, instead of the mile and quarter I usually go. Even so, I felt pressure to swim a bit harder, which meant my rhythm was all off. I found myself huffing and puffing, believe it or not you can even do that underwater, after about five laps.

    I decided I had to slow down to get back into my normal rhythm, otherwise I was going to have to stop after each lap to catch my breath and that would really slow me down. As I slowly got into my rhythm I watched the clock after very ten laps and I realized even with my late start I would get in that mile.

    You would think since I lowered by expectations for my morning exercise it would help me feel like I was back into my daily rhythm, but I double booked a zoom meeting today also and when I went back to the second meeting they had already finished. I felt left out and some information I wanted to share didn’t get shared, this of course means I will have to talk individually with those people in the meeting.

    The adjustments for today were not helping me recapture the time I had allotted for each meeting. I seemed to be falling further away from my project list. This meant of course I would have to make another adjustment. I think the only way I will catch up is to readjust everything tomorrow.

    As I take a step back and review the day I realize that those things which didn’t get done don’t really need to get done or they can be done at a different time or they can be done differently. It is hard to plan out your day and then watch it slowly deteriorate from order into chaos.

    Yet, there is tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day in which I can take a step at at time and not try to catch up. Sometimes catching up works, but many times it is a futile effort. The good thing is that God is in charge of the important things and we are not. Certainly God wants and expects our partnership, but this is the same God who called Israel back to himself without them having to make reparations (Isaiah 40:1-11. That is, our God will take into account our limitations, which sometimes we don’t want to admit we have.

    So if your day seems to have fallen apart or perhaps those five things to do have exploded into fifteen know that God can help you get done what needs to get done and the rest will take care of itself.

    I am now ready to take a breath. I am now ready to start fresh, at 3:20 pm. I took me a long time to get here, but at least I finally arrived (by the way this last sentence took me ten minutes to write because of additional interruptions).

    Praising God as I learn to adjust my expectations with you,

    Pastor Randy

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